TV episode reminder

Episoder is a tool to tell you about new episodes of your favourite TV shows. It does so by parsing online TV episode guides.

Currently episoder can get data from epguides and TheTVDB and tells you whenever a new episode of a show listed on one of those sites is aired.

There is also a web-based version of episoder, called webisoder which can be used for free at webisoder.net.


In order to use episoder, you will need python installed on your system. In addition to the default distribution, the requests and sqlalchemy modules are required.


You can install episoder through pypi (using easy_install or pip) or by downloading the tarball from here and running easy_install episoder-0.8.5.tar.gz.



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Use bugs.ott.net to report bugs in episoder.


The configuration file at ~/.episoder contains your default settings for episoder. After installing episoder man episoder will help you with the configuration.

Using episoder

To use episoder you will typically:

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