episoder configuration

The configuration file at ~/.episoder contains your default settings for episoder.

Set the user-agent string to be used when fetching data. This is only used for shows on epguides.com.
Path to episoder's data file. If, instead of a file, you supply a database url as expected by sqlalchemy, eg. mysql://localhost/episoder, episoder will use that database for storage instead.
format=unquoted format string
This allows you to customize episoder's output. Available fields are:
The episode's airdate as YYYY-MM-DD
Name of the show
Current season
Episode's number in season
Title of the episode
Episode's total number
Production number
If undefined, the default value of %airdate %show %seasonx%epnum (eg. "2005-07-29 Monk 4x04") is used.
dateformat=unquoted string describing the format
Here you can define the date format you'd like to be used for the output. To get a list of all possible fields, see date(1).
The default is %a, %b %d, %Y
Use your own TVDB API KEY instead of episoder's built-in default key. This is recommended if you use episoder on a larger scale.
See http://thetvdb.com/?tab=apiregister for more details.
This is the e-mail address that will be used for notifications about new episodes. You will need to enter an address here to use the notify feature.
email_server=localhost, email_port=587
If you want to use an e-mail server other than localhost for sending notifications you can specify it here, along with the port number to connect to.
email_username=username, email_password=password
If you need to authenticate against your mail server, this is where you can enter your user name and password.
Set this to 1 to use TLS encryption to send your mail.

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