Command-line client for Synology's DownloadStation

synodl is a command-line client for the DownloadStation application found on Synology storage devices. It allows you to comfortably manage your download tasks from within a terminal window rather than going through the web interface.

Download and installation

Download the latest release

synodl 0.5.3

You may want to verify the signature or have a look at the release notes. If you are interested in versions other than the current release, you can check the list of all releases.

Getting started

Create a configuration file .synodl in your home directory with these entries:

url = https://YOUR_DEVICE_ADDRESS:5001/

Using synodl

Calling synodl without any additional arguments should show an overview of your current download tasks. Anything that is passed as a parameter will be added as a task to DownlodStation.

Secure password

You can keep your password in a secure location if you specify a password_command instead of a password in the config file:

password_command = gpg --decrypt ~/

SSL certificate

With the default configuration, synodl will try to verify your SSL certificate against the system-wide CA certificates in /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt. If you want to provide your own CA certificate, add this to your config file:

cacert = /path/to/your/ca.cert

In case you want synodl to skip certificate validation, use this:

cacert = ignore

Note that in this case, anyone with basic networking skills can intercept your traffic and steal your password.