Generate TOC for Audio CDs

martoc generates TOC files for audio CDs. It also converts your audio files, normalizes the audio volume and extracts meta data to be used as CD-Text.

Download and installation

Download the latest release

martoc 0.2.1

You may want to verify the signature or have a look at the release notes. If you are interested in versions other than the current release, you can check the list of all releases.

How to use martoc

martoc -i /path/to/files/ -o /output/folder/

This command will process all audio files in /path/to/files and write its output to /output/folder. The audio files will be normalized using the normalize utility; if you would like to use some other tool for this job, use the -n option:

martoc -i /path/to/files/ -o /output/folder/ -n wavegain

Afterwards You should find a bunch of .wav files plus one .toc file in your output folder. If you want to check / modify the CD-Text data before burning, the .toc file is where you can do just that.

When you're done, use something like this to burn the CD:

cdrdao write -v 2 --driver generic-mmc-raw --device /dev/sr0 out.toc

Supported formats

External dependencies